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Homo sapiens DNA ligase 4 (LIG4) mRNA, partial cds.

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Characterization of a Cohort of Patients With LIG4 Deficiency Reveals the Founder Effect of p.R278L, Unique to the Chinese Population.

Luo,X., Liu,Q., Jiang,J., Tang,W., Ding,Y., Zhou,L., Yu,J., Tang,X., An,Y. and Zhao,X.

(09-24-2021) Front Immunol 12:695993

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Sequences in this data set

  • MZ825314.1Homo sapiens isolate SXY-K424Rfs DNA ligase 4 (LIG4) mRNA, partial cds
  • MZ825313.1Homo sapiens isolate SXY-R278L DNA ligase 4 (LIG4) mRNA, partial cds

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