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Bacteria rpoB-like gene, partial sequence.

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Study Details

Extraordinary Multi-Organismal Interactions Involving Bacteriophages, Bacteria, Fungi, and Rotifers: Quadruple Microbial Trophic Network in Water Droplets

Turnau,K., Fialkowska,E., Wazny,R., Rozpadek,P., Tylko,G., Bloch,S., Nejman-Falenczyk,B., Grabski,M., Wegrzyn,A. and Wegrzyn,G.

(02-22-2021) Int J Mol Sci 22:(4)2178

Sequences in this data set

  • MT436219.1UNVERIFIED: Achromobacter sp. strain UNIJAG.PL.1024 rpoB-like gene, partial sequence
  • MT436218.1UNVERIFIED: Aminobacter sp. strain UNIJAG.PL.1022 rpoB-like gene, partial sequence
  • MT436217.1UNVERIFIED: Aminobacter sp. strain UNIJAG.PL.1012 rpoB-like gene, partial sequence
  • MT436216.1UNVERIFIED: Paenibacillus sp. strain UNIJAG.PL.1002 rpoB-like gene, partial sequence

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