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Spatial proteogenomics reveals distinct and evolutionarily-conserved hepatic macrophage niches
147 Liesbet Martens Jan 11, 2022
Western and Heart Healthy Dietary Patterns Differentially Affect the Expression of Genes Associated with Lipid Metabolism, Interferon Signaling and Inflammation in the Jejunum of Ossabaw Pigs
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29 Alice H Lichtenstein Dec 31, 2021
Colon Transcriptome is Modified by a Dietary Pattern/Atorvastatin Interaction in the Ossabaw Pig
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29 Alice H Lichtenstein Dec 30, 2021
LGR5 is a conserved marker of hair follicle stem cells across species
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Jorge Piedrahita Dec 04, 2021
The gene expression difference of African swine Fever virus (ASF) outer membrane protein CD2v in iPAM cell line analyzed by RNA-SEQ
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6 Min Zhang Dec 01, 2021
Genome-wide maps of Transcriptionalregulation of EGR1 transcription factor in iPAM cells.
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4 Min Zhang Nov 20, 2021
Long-term Expansion of Porcine Intestinal Organoids serves as an Ex Vivo Model for Swine Enteric Coronavirus infection
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6 Changlong Liu Aug 19, 2021
Multi-species single-cell transcriptomic analysis of ocular compartment regulons
27 Kiyofumi Hamashima Jul 29, 2021
Exposure to copper compromises the maturational competency of porcine oocytes via oxidative stress-induced DNA damage
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4 Qian Gao Jun 28, 2021
Double knock-in pig models with elements of binary Tet-on and phiC31 intergrase systems for controllable and switchable gene expression
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18 Shixue Gou Jun 10, 2021
SIRT6 maintains redox homeostasis to promote porcine oocyte maturation
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4 Li Yu Mar 16, 2021
Gene expression data of the subcutaneous adipose tissue from entire male, immunocastrated and surgically castrated pigs
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3 Milka Vrecl Mar 03, 2021
Muscle transcriptome profile of Alentejano and Bísaro pig breeds 
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10 André Filipe Barreto Albuquerque Mar 01, 2021
Intracerebral Hemorrhage Induces MicroRNA and Target Genes within Six Hours: An Integrated Analysis of miRNA-seq and mRNA-seq in Swine ICH
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20 Xiang Zhang Dec 31, 2020
RNA-seq data of porcine satellite cells at 24h and 36h of differentiation
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6 Jingxuan Li Dec 22, 2020
Liver and fat transcriptomic changes related to fat content in pigs
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32 Kacper Zukowski Oct 30, 2020
Dual RNA-seq analysis of pig alveolar macrophage infected with china-isolated TgHB1 compared to TgRH and TgMe49 toxoplasma gondii standard strain
39 Yanqin Zhou Sep 12, 2020
Lipid stores and lipid metabolism associated gene expression in porcine and bovine parthenogenetic embryos revealed by immunostaining and RNA-seq [Ss]
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28 Arkadiusz Kajdasz Sep 07, 2020
Comparison between PRRS and control in female and male pig amygdala in 22 day old pigs
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24 Sandra Rodriguez Zas Aug 28, 2020
RNA-seq data of endometrium from Yorkshire pigs
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2 Tao Su Jun 16, 2020