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Widespread RNA and DNA Sequence Differences in the Human Genome
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Mingyao Li May 19, 2011
RNA-seq from ENCODE/Caltech
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24 ENCODE DCC Jul 12, 2012
DUX4 activates germline genes, retroelements and immune-mediators: Implications for facioscapulohumeral dystrophy
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2 Stephen Tapscott Jan 03, 2012
Nucleosome locations in human oral keratinocytes
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4 Guy Lyons Dec 31, 2017
The Identification and Characterization of Sindbis Virus RNA:Host Protein Interactions
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5 Kevin J Sokoloski Jan 02, 2018
Identification of m6A residues at single nucleotide resolution using eCLIP and an accessible custom analysis pipeline
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17 Justin Roberts Dec 31, 2020
UCSD Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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878 UCSD AND SALK Aug 03, 2009
UCSF-UBC Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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529 UCSF-UBC CENTER Aug 03, 2009
BI Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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633 BROAD INSTITUTE Aug 05, 2009
Melanoma short-term cultures and cell lines: expression profiling and CNV analyses
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41 Michael Berger Feb 01, 2010
University of Washington Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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758 Northwest REMC Jan 06, 2010
RNA-Seq of melanoma short-term cultures and cell lines
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14 Michael Berger Feb 04, 2010
Comparative methylome analysis of benign and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
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3 Gareth Wilson Jan 01, 2011
Nucleosome map of the IMR90 fibroblast cell line
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1 Benjamin Berman Apr 01, 2011
Small RNA-seq from ENCODE/Cold Spring Harbor Lab
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87 ENCODE DCC Oct 08, 2010
ZNF274 colocalizes with the histone methyltransferase SETDB1 at ZNF 3' ends.
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14 Philip Cayting Nov 15, 2010
Genome-wide binding of the orphan nuclear receptor TR4 suggests its general role in fundamental biological processes
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15 Philip Cayting Nov 15, 2010
Transcriptome sequencing across a prostate cancer cohort identifies PCAT-1, an unannotated lincRNA implicated in disease progression (RNA-Seq data)
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58 Matthew Iyer Aug 02, 2011
ENCODE Cold Spring Harbor Labs Long RNA-seq
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84 ENCODE DCC Dec 28, 2010
DNaseI Digital Genomic Footprinting from ENCODE/University of Washington [Human]
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53 ENCODE DCC Dec 29, 2010