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Deciphering the spatial-temporal molecular features of human developing hypothalamus at single-cell level
19 Xin Zhou Dec 07, 2021
Neonatal and Adult Human Intervertebral Disc scRNA-seq
6 Wensen Jiang Dec 07, 2021
FoxP3 associates with enhancer-promoter loops to regulate Treg-specific gene expression [ATAC-seq]
1 CBDM Lab Dec 07, 2021
10X-single cell seq of B cells during colitis (d0 and d14)
2 Eduardo J Villablanca Dec 06, 2021
10X-single cell seq of IEC and Stroma during recovery after DSS colitis in B cell sufficient/deficient mice
2 Eduardo J Villablanca Dec 06, 2021
Integrating single-cell RNA-sequencing and transcriptomic data reveals essential genes for tooth development processes
2 Yuta Chiba Dec 06, 2021
Hobit confers tissue dependent programs to type 1 innate lymphoid cells
6 Marco Colonna Dec 06, 2021
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of the center region of healing skin at wound day 11 in wild type mouse
1 Sam Lee Dec 06, 2021
Generation of the organotypic kidney by integrating pluripotent stem cell-derived renal stroma
6 Shunsuke Tanigawa Dec 05, 2021
Single Cell RNA-seq of the draining lymph nodes of mice treated with either 3M052 or Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF)
120 Madeleine Scott Dec 05, 2021
scATAC-seq of innate immune cells from mice treated with the adjuvant 3M052
55 Madeleine Scott Dec 05, 2021
Disruption of the IL-33-ST2-AKT signaling axis impairs neurodevelopment by inhibiting microglial metabolic adaptation and phagocytic function
56 DANYANG HE Dec 04, 2021
Gene expression in bone marrow mesenchymal lineage cell and endothelial cell populations of Cxcr4WHIM/+ mice [BM]
2 Jungmin Choi Dec 04, 2021
Gene expression datasets
14 Jungmin Choi Dec 04, 2021
Single-cell transcriptional profiles in the visceral adipose tissue from obese and lean C57BL6 mice
4 William F Flynn Dec 03, 2021
Spatial transcriptomic studies of the small intestine from WT and DDX5△IEC (KO) mice
2 Wendy Huang Dec 03, 2021
Single-cell transcriptomes combining with consecutive genomics reveal clonal evolution and gene regulatory networks in relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma
1 Jiadai Xu Dec 03, 2021
FoxP3 associates with enhancer-promoter loops to regulate Treg-specific gene expression
15 CBDM Lab Dec 03, 2021
Identification of ASCL1 as a determinant for human iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons
6 Rajeshwar Awatramani Dec 02, 2021
Cell-Type-Specific Impact of Glucocorticoid Receptor Activation on the Developing Brain: A Cerebral Organoid Study [10x Genomics]
16 Elisabeth B Binder Dec 02, 2021