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Role of neuronal Xlr4 gene expression in cocaine addiction vulnerability: a microarray study in medial prefrontal cortex and Nucleus Accumbens of C57 and DBA mice.
31 Ivan Arisi Dec 01, 2021
Nerve Growth Factor neutralization promotes oligodendrogenesis by increasing miR-219a-5p levels
8 Ivan Arisi Feb 15, 2021
Astrocytes respond to a reduction of extracellular Nerve Growth Factor levels by a phosphorylation of TrkA in the endoplasmic reticulum: a microarray transcriptome study
8 Ivan Arisi Dec 01, 2020
Genomic and physiological resilience in extreme environments are associated with a secure attachment style
49 Ivan Arisi Apr 26, 2020
Microarray transcriptome analysis of primary mouse microglia cells treated with NGF
14 Ivan Arisi Apr 01, 2020
CSB ablation induced apoptosis is mediated by Increased Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response: a gene expression study
16 Ivan Arisi Jun 01, 2019
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis bronchoalveolar lavage cells RNA-seq indicates macrophage expression of pro-inflammatory M1/M2 activation concomitant with radical species metabolism inhibition
23 Ivan Arisi Apr 16, 2018
ATM signalling and autophagy cooperate in the regulation of breast cancer stem-like phenotype: a transcriptional profile
12 Ivan Arisi Jun 12, 2017
Targeting MDM4/MDM2 binding interface for reactivation of p53 in cancer therapy
24 Ivan Arisi Apr 18, 2017
Lamin A/C Is Required For ChAT-Dependent Neuroblastoma Differentiation: a microarray gene expression study
8 Ivan Arisi Apr 18, 2017
Fingerprinting of the hNGF P61R100E gene expression in rat Dorsal Root Ganglion detected by microarray analysis
8 Ivan Arisi Apr 18, 2017
ProNGF Drives Localized and Cell Selective Parvalbumin Interneuron and Perineuronal Net Depletion in the Dentate Gyrus of Transgenic Mice: a microarray study in proNGF-overexpressing transgenic mouse
22 Ivan Arisi Jan 26, 2017
Transcriptomic study on yeast expressing an intracellular antibody against acetylated-K9-H3 Histone
12 Ivan Arisi Nov 14, 2016
Gene expression profiling of the AD11 anti-NGF transgenic mouse model of neurodegeneration at 1, 3, 6, 15 months of age
119 Ivan Arisi Feb 26, 2015
The TIMP3/Apelin axis Regulates Atherosclerosis and Heart Metabolism leading to increased mortality in ApoE null Mice
6 Ivan Arisi Jan 01, 2015
Expression data from kidneys of diabetic WT and T3-/- mice
6 Ivan Arisi Apr 25, 2014
Lamin A/C is required for SHSY5Y neuroblastoma cell differentiation and its expression is linked to a less malignant phenotype.
4 Ivan Arisi Jul 11, 2013
NGF and proNGF activate functionally distinct mRNAs in PC12 cells: an early gene expression profiling
13 Ivan Arisi Jan 09, 2012
Caco-2 cells: 21-days differentiated cells maintained with the low density protocol (LD cells) vs 21-days differentiated cells maintained with the high density protocol (HD cells)
2 Ivan Arisi Apr 25, 2011
Caco-2 cells: cycling vs 21-days differentiated cells
4 Ivan Arisi Apr 25, 2011