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Microglial-expressed Apoe does not modulate plaque pathogenesis
45 Kim Green Oct 15, 2021
RNASeq analysis of human Cal33 xenografts in nu/nu mice upon radiotherapy +/- metformin treatment
24 Kristian Unger Jan 11, 2022
Gene expression profiling of Drosophila melanogaster larval brains after chronich alcohol exposure
6 Alfredo Ghezzi Oct 13, 2021
EBV-induced CXCL8 upregulation promotes vasculogenic mimicry in gastric carcinoma via NF-κB signaling
6 Jingyue Zhang Oct 14, 2021
Shexiang Tongxin Dropping Pill Protects against Chronic Heart Failure in Mice via Inhibiting the ERK/MAPK and TGF-β Signaling Pathways
12 penghui Yang Oct 27, 2021
Transcriptomic profies in control or NCOR1 deficient vascular smooth muscle cells
6 Lin-Juan Du Oct 13, 2021
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of the mouse colonic mesenchyme (Drop-seq)
1 Jun Zhao Oct 14, 2021
Effects and molecular regulation mechanisms of saline-alkali stress on the healthy grass carp [exp2]
27 wu xiao man Oct 13, 2021
Single-cell RNA sequencing data of stem cell-derived microfluidic human embryoids, NODAL-KO human embryoids and chimpanzee embryoids
3 Yi Zheng Oct 13, 2021
Microarray data from patients samples with triple negative breast cancer
16 Juan Carlos Montero Oct 12, 2021
Effects of murine Oncostatin M on OP9 stromal cells and NIH/3T3 fibroblasts
12 Justus Duyster Oct 13, 2021
Transcriptomics of human adenocarcinoma cell line HCT-8 infected with Cryptosporidium parvum treated with indole
11 Lisa Funkhouser-Jones Oct 13, 2021
Regulation of hepatocellular carcinoma growth by UPF1 variants not through nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
8 Suman Lee Oct 13, 2021
Endothelial UCP2 regulates the neurogenic-to-astrogenic fate switch during brain development
4 Jianwei Jiao Oct 13, 2021
Differential effect of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein 1 on human bronchial and alveolar lung mucosa models: Implications on pathogenicity.
24 Johannes Beckers Dec 13, 2021
Human lung tissue resident memory T cells are re-programmed but not eradicated with systemic glucocorticoids after acute cellular rejection
14 Mark E Snyder Oct 15, 2021
MicroRNA expression profile in the Laiwu black goat kid liver
25 Chao Tianle Oct 15, 2021
Chromatin landscapes of CD5lo and CD5hi naïve CD4 T cells at homeostasis and upon removal of tonic TCR signaling [ATAC-seq]
12 Judith Mandl Oct 18, 2021
Transcriptional profiling of CD5lo and CD5hi naïve CD4 T cells at homeostasis and upon removal of tonic TCR signaling [bulk RNA-seq]
20 Judith Mandl Oct 18, 2021
Transcriptional profiling of individual naïve CD4 T cells sorted across the full spectrum of self-reactivity [scRNA-seq]
3 Judith Mandl Oct 18, 2021