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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 40044634
    winged helix-turn-helix transcriptional regulator [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00760, E3B71_25395
    ID: 40044633
    CPBP family intramembrane metalloprotease [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01550, E3B71_24330
    ID: 40044630
    transposase [Escherichia coli]E7Z58_RS24285, E7Z58_24295
    ID: 40044629
    plasmid-partitioning protein SopA [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00135, E3B71_24770
    ID: 40044624
    type IV conjugative transfer system lipoprotein TraV [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00360, E3B71_24995
    ID: 40044618
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01635, E3B71_24415
    ID: 40044613
    aminoglycoside O-phosphotransferase APH(6)-Id [Escherichia coli]E7Z58_RS24235, E7Z58_24245
    ID: 40044606
    conjugal transfer protein TraG [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00445, E3B71_25080
    ID: 40044603
    type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraE [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01765, E3B71_24545
    ID: 40044601
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01420, E3B71_24200
    ID: 40044599
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E7Z58_RS23585, E7Z58_23595
    ID: 40044595
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00860, E3B71_25495
    ID: 40044589
    type IV conjugative transfer system coupling protein TraD [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00460, E3B71_25095
    ID: 40044588
    class I SAM-dependent methyltransferase [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01835, E3B71_24615
    ID: 40044579
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00010, E3B71_24645
    ID: 40044575
    AAA family ATPase [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00960, E3B71_25600
    ID: 40044574
    conjugal transfer protein TraP [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS01750, E3B71_24530
    ID: 40044572
    single-stranded DNA-binding protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00245, E3B71_24880
    ID: 40044568
    hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00645, E3B71_25280
    ID: 40044558
    carbamate kinase [Escherichia coli]E3B71_RS00560, E3B71_25195
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