Report schemas

NCBI Datasets Data Package report formats

Data packages downloaded through the website, command line interface (CLI), or the APIs include JSON Lines -formatted report files that contain metadata about the requested records. Refer to the data package descriptions for the list of reports available in each package.

Each line in a data report consists of a well-defined hierarchical JSON structure that describes its associated data record. The lines within a file all have the same format and the schemas below define the structure and fields for each type of data report.

Gene report

Gene record identifiers, genomic locations, transcripts, and products

Genome assembly report

Genome record accession, organism, assembly statistics, and annotation info

Genome sequence report

Genome assembly sequence accessions, chromosome, and length

MicroBIGG-E report

MicroBIGG-E record accession, organism, location, and biosample information

Prokaryote gene report

Prokaryote gene record identifiers, protein info, and taxonomic scope

Prokaryote gene location report

Prokaryote gene location record identifiers, organism, and genomic locations

Virus report

Virus record identifiers, sample information, genomic locations, and products

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