Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl29320: KilA-N Superfamily 
KilA-N domain
The amino-terminal module of the D6R/N1R proteins defines a novel, conserved DNA-binding domain (the KilA-N domain) that is found in a wide range of proteins of large bacterial and eukaryotic DNA viruses. The KilA-N domain family also includes the previously defined APSES domain. The KilA-N and APSES domains may also share a common fold with the nucleic acid-binding modules of the LAGLIDADG nucleases and the amino-terminal domains of the tRNA endonuclease.
Taxonomy: root
PubMed: 5 links
Protein: Related Protein
Related Structure
Accession: cl29320
PSSM Id: 356196
Name: KilA-N
Created: 19-Sep-2018
Updated: 19-Sep-2018
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